School Policies

Preschool and Primary: All children are promoted to the next grade at the end of the Session.

Dunes International School, Al Jubail follows a child-friendly and valid Promotion Policy, aligning itself to the specificBoard requirements. The DIS JUBAIL Promotion Policy states:

  • Passing aggregate required from Grades 1 to 8 for promotion to the next grade level for each subject is 40%.
  • In case of failing to reach the required aggregate, the case would be considered for grace marks /re-examination only up to a certain pre-decided percentage according to the Board specifications. Decision taken will be at the school’s discretion and will be final.
  • The statement ‘condoned and promoted’ will be included in the Report card for students passing with grace marks
  • In grades 9 and 11 promotion to the next grade level is solely based on the academic performance at the Term exams and school reserves the right to fix a minimum pass percentage in each subject.
  • In case of children with Learning Disabilities, promotion norms are specific and are documented separately as per the DIS JUBAIL Promotion Policy. However, these will be applicable only when the school has been made aware of the case in advance supported with medical certificates.

Decision of the Promotion Committee consisting of the Principal, Grade level Coordinator and the Subject Deans will be final and binding.

  • Daily class attendance is a condition for fulfilling requirements of the academic program, completing coursework and general academic progress at the school.
  • 75% attendance (working days) during the academic year is a pre-requisite for promotion to the next grade level. The school reserves the right to withhold/refuse promotion in case this minimum requirement is not fulfilled.
  • All children are expected to attend the first day and the last day of school at the beginning and ending of every academic session.
  • Attendance at official school events such as Annual Function, Independence Day, Republic Day etc. is compulsory. 

No leave will be granted to a student for part of the day, once he/she has attended the school, except in a very emergent situation for which a valid written request from the parent is necessary.

  • Students may be absent from school only for essential and important reasons, such as illness or an emergency in the family. The school seeks co-operation from parents in exercising utmost discretion in excusing children from school.
  • Absence is to be informed through e-mail. However, absence longer than 3 days will also require a medical certificate.
  • In the event of a planned absence, parents are requested to seek prior permission of the Principal/Co-coordinator before proceeding on leave.
  • No leave adjoining vacations will be allowed without the prior written permission of the Principal. Students must return after the vacation on the re-opening day.
  • Its compulsory for a student to complete at least 80% attendance in a year to make them eligible to appear in the final examination. The %age may however be compromised on medical grounds.
  • Students are expected to reach school at least 10 minutes before the school timings.
  • Parents should take the responsibility of instilling in their children the importance of being punctual from a very young age.
  • The school gate will be closed at 7:20 am in summer and 7:50 am in winter. All children arriving thereafter will be sent back home. No request for allowing them in will be entertained. (applicable for Grades II to XII)
  • Children will be allowed to go only with the person who holds a valid bearer card. (applicable to children up till Grade 4 and private commuters)
  • The Grade level coordinator should be informed through e-mail, if you plan to collect your child personally. Verbal messages will not be entertained.
  • Arrivals and dispersals are done under the supervision of the school staff.
  • Bearer Cards (applicable only up till Grade -4 and private commuters)
  • Ensure that the person responsible for collecting the child, including the parent, always carries the Bearer Card.
  • Loss of the Bearer card should be communicated to the school authorities immediately.
  • A duplicate Bearer card will be issued by the school authority on a written request by the parent.
  • The school gate will be closed after 10 minutes of the first bell.
  • An entry slip must be filled in the administration office before the student goes for the class.

1. A student who has been absent on the previous day will not be allowed to enter the class without a letter from the parent, addressed to the Principal, stating the reason of absence.

2. Parents must fill up the ‘Record of Absenteeism’ for each day’s absence from school stating the valid reasons.

3. Students who have been medically unfit / sick must provide a medical certificate from their doctor on joining the school.

4. A student, returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, must produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him/ her to further attend classes. Students suffering from the following diseases must complete the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.

a) Chicken Pox – till complete falling of the scabs

b) Cholera – till the child is completely well

c) Measles – two weeks after the rashes disappear

d) Mumps – until the swelling has gone, about one month

e) Whooping Cough – six weeks

f) Jaundice – six weeks after recovery

5. Students who require medical attention during school hours must be sent to the school clinic by the teacher with the clinical record in the organizer.

6. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only after payment of a fresh admission fee.

7. All students are expected to attend school on the opening day after the vacation. Those absent because of sickness must present a medical certificate before entering the class.

8. It is compulsory for the students to complete 80% of the attendance in the year to make them eligible to sit for the final examination. The percentage, however, could be relaxed on medical grounds; such students will not be eligible to receive any prizes.

  • In case a duplicate certificate is required, Parents/ Guardians will need to submit a written application stating the reason for the request, mentioning the status of the original certificate.
  • Parents/Guardians are required to make an affidavit before a stipendiary Magistrate and attach the same with the application.
  • A certified copy will be issued by the school Principal.

A certificate will be issued within 7 working days, after the submission of a written application to the management stating the reason for the request.

  • We, at Dunes International School, Al Jubail International School believe that transparency is of paramount importance in the teaching-learning process.
  • Bearing this firm belief in our minds, we maintain an ‘Open Door Policy’, which means that parents of our school are welcome to visit the school and view a class in progress.
  • This policy is designed to create an atmosphere in which parents of our school do not feel intimidated to approach the staff of the school, as well as to build a rapport between them ensuring trust and openness.
  • Along with this freedom, comes responsibility.
  • Parents must realize that certain codes of conduct apply to all those connected with the school; the staff, the students as well as the parents must observe behavior that would be termed as ‘civil’ always.
  • Thus, parents require following the procedure given below:


  • You can visit a classroom once in a term.
  • You will be required to take prior permission from the Principal/Coordinator.
  • Fill in a formal request stating clearly the reason and objective of the visit.
  • You can visit a section other than your own child’s section. This is done to avoid distraction in the class.
  • You will be always escorted by a staff member.

Code of conduct, are the general norms of good behavior prescribed under these rules.

  • All students are required to behave courteously always and conform to the norms of good conduct.
  • All students are expected to contribute to a positive learning atmosphere in the class by cooperating with the teacher, getting work done on time, contributing to discussions, asking questions and avoiding distractions.
  • Students are expected to participate in all school activities unless excused by the appropriate head on a written request from the parent / guardian.
  • Students must show sensitivity and respect without discrimination. Any form of disrespect, humiliation, physical or sexual harassment, threat or violence toward another person is contrary to the spirit of the school.
  • Students must treat school property (the building, equipment, school transport, furniture, fittings, books etc.) with respect and report any damage to their class teacher/coordinator. Cost of intentional damage to school property will have to be borne by the parents of the concerned student.
  • Students who travel by transport approved by the school are expected to be well behaved and courteous at all the times while using this facility. Those students found misbehaving would be banned from using this facility. The ban duration will depend on the extent of the misdemeanor and the decision of the school authorities will be final in the matter.
  • Use of abusive and unacceptable language, leaving the school premises without due permission etc. are unseemly conduct.
  • This is a polythene free school. The school authorities expect the co-operation of students/parents/visitors to make it free of polythene menace.
  • Students to respect culture & tradition of all fellow students.
  • Students must not carry mobile phones to school, even on official & cultural functions.
  • Maintain cleanliness & hygiene at the school premises.
  • Upkeep moral & ethical values.
  • Save and conserve electricity and water.
  • Follow the dress code (uniform) religiously.

We are an Indian International School in the Islamic Kingdom Saudi Arabia, and hence are very sensitive to both the Islamic &Indian cultural ethos. Therefore, any public display of intimacy is not allowed. This includes all forms of physical closeness.

The responsibility of the Dunes International School, Al Jubail team is to develop in students the attitudes and aptitudes for life success as documented in the Billabong Student Profile.

The discipline policy at Dunes International School, Al Jubail is based on neuro and behavioural science. The policy focus is on behaviour modification and change from undesirable behaviour to desirable behaviour and not on ‘punishment’. Learning and change happens best in a positive and motivating environment. Children who grow up with understood boundaries and expectations become responsible and caring adults who contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Every child has the following rights and responsibilities:

  • The right to learn and the intent to learn to the best of one’s capability.
  • The right to be and feel safe and to behave in ways that does not cause physical or emotional harm to others.
  • The right to be respected and to act in respectful ways towards others. Self-discipline is the best discipline and the commitment to this comes from within. The rules we provide are a framework to achieving this internal drive. Effective execution of the discipline policy at DIS JUBAIL will be a collaborative effort of the school staff, parents, and students. Discipline, at DIS JUBAIL means the development of attitudes which are intrinsically driven. The rules ensure that the school can provide a safe environment for each child to grow physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively.Discipline is not synonymous to corrective measures. Any corrective measure does not make a logical connection between the act of indiscipline and the consequence. We encourage consequences that help modify the behaviour from within. These could be in the form of:

Praise and Reward
Giving praise, recognition and encouragement for good work or behaviour, in class or in school reports.

Defining and encouraging desirable behaviour:
Equipping students with the necessary life skills, values, attitudes and morals through workshops.

Asking students to reflect on inappropriate behaviour during ‘time out’ from scheduled SPA or other scheduled activities:
This reflection may be in the form of research and a presentation on the harm that can be caused to oneself or another because of unseemly conduct which may include behaviour such as bullying, disrespect to the teacher, non-submission of work, etc.

Removal of a child from a classroom due to disruption that causes learning to be hampered for other children in the class:
We may remove a disruptive child from the regular class and apply corrective measures. Children who miss classes on such account will be expected to complete the class activities on their own.
Rules and policies are minimal and open to change based on feedback from anyone belonging to the Dunes International School, Al Jubail community.

Matters of grave breach of discipline which may lead to extreme sanctions will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee:
In every case the Principal of the school is the final authority and his final decision will always be based on the child’s best long term interests.

For Dunes International School, Al Jubail International School to nurture each of its students to attain their inner potential, the students, staff, parents and the community need to be aware of the school’s expectations for behaviour of all its stake holders.

  • Come prepared to class on time with all necessary materials.
  • Give respect and expect respect. Be courteous and respectful to peers, all teaching and non-teaching staff both within and outside the school premises. This includes all forms of communication: real or virtual (social networking sites, email, and video uploads etc.)
  • Taking an active role in learning and contributing to a positive learning atmosphere in the class.
  • Participate in all school activities except in cases of ill-health.
  • Respect property belonging to self, peers and staff and ALL school property.
  • Participate in a democratic process to define individual classroom rules with your teacher and peers.
  • Avoid bringing personal items, such as games, toys, laser pens, I-pads, mobiles andsurplus cash.
  • Behave in a manner that does not compromise the safety of self or others on the school bus.
  • Understand that for the safety of self, one cannot leave school during school hours unless authorized to do so or accompanied by an adult.
  • High student academic outcomes are a result of responsible behaviour. When there is alignment and synergy between behaviour we expect from students in school and behaviour expected by parents in and out of the home, we experience enhanced student behaviour, academic success and habits of mind. We expect your support and understanding.
  • Children imitate and mimic behaviour, language and actions. Please assist your child to develop behaviour, language and actions that will be conducive to his/her academic success and will help develop the habits of mind that will be conducive to his/her life success.
  • Enhance our effort to provide a safe, orderly environment that aids learning for not just your child but for all students by understanding the logic of the rules set by the school and demonstrating your support.
  • If your child needs behaviour modification mediation please meet the grade level coordinator with prior appointment, for any clarifications if you are in doubt rather than accepting the child’s version of the incident. Be open to talking about the behaviour and assisting us to develop strategies to modify to more acceptable behaviour demonstration.
  • Expect and demonstrate respectful behaviour from and with all teaching, administrative and non-teaching staff.
  • Attend scheduled parent teacher conferences and other school events.
  • Speak positively about your child in the presence of others in and out of school. If you need to voice a concern set up a meeting time in the absence of your child.
  • If remedial support is advised by the school, please follow up.
  • To always perform their duties efficiently and effectively and with honesty, integrity and fairness.
  • To demonstrate the highest standards of professional behaviour, exercise judgment and act in a courteous and sensitive manner when interacting with students, parents or caregivers, staff and the public.
  • To treat students equitably, including those with disabilities or other special needs.
  • To meet the individual learning needs of students and assist each student to maximize his or her potential.
  • To ensure that decisions are made fairly and conveyed promptly both within the school and to those students and members of the public who have a right to know.
  • To behave in ways that protect and enhance the esteem and standing of the school.
  • Use of electronic gadgets by students at school is disfavored. Kindly ensure that your children do not bring i-pods, i-pads, mobiles, cameras, and such other electronic gadgets to school without the permission of the school.
  • Possession of such items is a distraction and disturbance in the school and would invite punitive measures including the confiscation of the item by school authorities.
  • Confiscated gadgets will not be returned under any circumstances.

Tests/Examinations/Assessments are part of the process of teaching/learning/testing assimilation in the school. These are not like Board Examinations. Often, we get requests from students or their parents for allowing the student to return home early after tests which does not go with the spirit of the school.  Kindly co-operate with the school in this matter.  Time spent by students at school is always time well spent.

The school receives many telephone calls incessantly every day, many of them on trivial matters for which information is already available. As a result, vital matters that require expeditious action remain drowned in the large volume of calls and go unattended or partly attended to. Please use electronic mail for queries or routine matters. Help us to serve you better.

All parents are required to sign ‘Swimming’ and “Field Trip” undertakings. Copy available in school office. This is mandatory to enable the child to utilize/undertake the above facilities, as and when planned.

Suggestions and grievances can be e-mailed to the Principal directly with proper identity at

No constructive action will be taken on anonymous mails.

Rules, regulations and policies are subject to change at the discretion of the school management.

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