Withdrawal Procedure

Guidelines to leave the school in a proper way

1. One calendar month’s notice in writing must be given before a student is withdrawn from the school. There are four installments of school fee for a School Year. Whenever the child is withdrawn minimum three installments of fees must be paid before applying for a School Leaving Certificate. Even if the withdrawal is intended at the end of the academic session, one month’s prior notice is mandatory.

2. Those who leave the School in Feb/March, must in all cases, pay all four installments of school fees.

3. Transfer certificates will not be issued until all dues are cleared.

4. Transport fee will be charged for 10 months only. The facility cannot be withdrawn after availing it for 7 months.

5. Students can be asked to leave the School on the following grounds:

a. Indiscipline

b. Unsatisfactory progress in work

c. Detention or repeated detentions in a class.

d. Exceptionally prolonged illness

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