A Message From The Principal


We at Dunes are honored to have been assigned with the task of delivering high-quality education to our students in a safe, structured stimulating environment. The administration has always been deliberate and focused on accomplishing this task as we support our teachers and students in their areas of challenge, and celebrate their areas of strength. Education, for us, is not a destination but a journey of discovery, of exploration, of introspection, of interrogation – a journey full of hope, promise and endless possibilities. We are looking at happy children, eager to learn, positive in outlook and ready to take on any and every challenge. We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum which is supported by a system of instruction that is pragmatic and encourages children to be logical, critical and analytical in thought and in application. Our focus is to reach out to each and every child of the school because for us, each child is unique and every child is precious.

DUNES provides a warm, caring, stimulating and challenging environment in which our students learn and develop. We aim to provide the education which explores and strengthens the potential which is innate in every individual but awaiting expression. In order to do so, we seek to provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the pupil in an atmosphere that is happy and nurturing. Emphasis is thus placed on promoting personal achievement, building a sense of responsibility and ultimately securing a strong sense of self dependence.

At Dunes, there is a strong ethos of parental involvement for we recognize the need for open communication between the school and the home. It is only when teachers, students, parents and other members of the community work in partnership that a child can grow into an adult who displays sensitivity, integrity, good citizenship and respect for human diversity. We believe that education is not about mere imparting knowledge but more about opening the child’s mind to self-expression. I have realized that with little hard work, some attention from parents, guidance and a pat on the back from teachers make the process of learning easier, acceptable and enjoyable. I wish everyone a rewarding future of association, success and growth in the years yet to come.

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