DIS Jubail prepares students to understand, contribute, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and juster place. We try to ensure that our students develop both the skills and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging & the creative world of today. It is a part of the curriculum to inculcate the practical and theoretical knowledge that enable people to better understand our world, and if possible to contribute to improving conditions for local and global communities.In pursuit of excellence, the school strives in developing every learner holistically into global citizens, by blending traditional wisdom with scientific temper.

Admission Criteria

Mandatory documents to be submitted at the time of admission:

  • Photostat copies of full passport of the child and parents
  • Photostat copies of valid resident Iqama ofchild and parents
  • Photostat copies of Entry Visa
  • Birth Certificate issued by competent authority
  • Transfer Certificate (in original)
    • [Duly attested by Ministry of Education for students coming from other provinces in the Kingdom]
    • [Duly attested by Saudi Consulate for the students coming from other countries]
  • A signed and stamped approval (NomuzajMowaffaqah) by Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia from the previous school
  • Signed and stamped progress report of previous year by the previous school(in original)
    • [Duly attested by Ministry of Education for students coming from other schools in the Kingdom]
    • [Saudi Consulate for the students coming from other countries]
  • Transfer of File on Noor system
  • Introduction Letter (KhetaabTaareef) from the guardian’s sponsor
  • Passport size photographs: 4 copies
  • Photostat copy of valid medical insurance card of the child

Admission Process

Registration for admission begins on 1st January every year.
Registration forms are available in the School Office and school website
There will not be any written test for Kindergarten students. An informal interaction with the Headmistress will be held with the parents at the time of admission/registration.
A formal admission test for rest of the grades, i.e. I to VI will be conducted as per the syllabi given at the time of registration. A student will be evaluated for the basic knowledge in English and Mathematics.

Age Limits

As on 31st March

Class Age
3 Years and above
4 Years and above
5 Years and above
Class Age
Grade I
6 Years and above
Grade II
7 Years and above
Grade III
8 Years and above
Grade IV
9 Years and above
Class Age
Grade V
10 Years and above
Grade VI
11 Years and above
Grade VII
12 Years and above
Grade VIII
13 Years and above

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